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What’s Your Worldview?

October 6, 2019

Everyone has a lens we see life through. Our worldview guides our actions. Pastor Brad Carignan of New Life in Euless Texas teaches on the Biblical worldview. October 6, 2019

Worldview: Lens through which we see the world and understand reality

All worldviews will answer our:
Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny

#1 What is a worldview?
#2 What is your worldview?
#3 What is a Biblical worldview?
#4 How do I develop a Biblical worldview?

The Biblical Worldview is:
1. God of the Bible is real
2. God created the universe
3. Man is created in the image of God
4. All men are valuable worthy of honor
5. Man was given dominion over creation by God
6. Mankind has fallen
7. Jesus is mankind's only hope for redemption
8. The Bible is the Word of God
9. God provides for His creation

Only 4% of millennials said they lived by a Biblical worldview.

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